In the beginning, there were many questions – questions from classical musicians around the globe to two people who worked in the classical music world for decades – Bernhard Kerres and Bettina Mehne. Then they decided to write a book with many answers to all the questions they received. A podcast, workshops, and courses followed. Today it is the BYOM Academy.

The book, Be Your Own Manager, is currently available in English and in Japanese. You can order it on Amazon, other digital platforms, and on our webpage.

The Podcast

Bernhard Kerres does a regular podcast on managing your career as a classical musician. It is also called Be Your Own Manager Career Podcast. It is available on all major podcasting platforms.

Listen to the Be Your Own Manager podcast on your favorite podcasting platform:

The BYOM Academy offers a variety of career management and entrepreneurship courses for classical musicians. From the 12 week base course, to specialised workshops, individual coaching, group coaching and more.

The 2022 Keynote

On January 31st, 2022, our founder, Bernhard Kerres, invited the community for his 2022 Keynote. He spoke about significant trends in our world and the impact these trends have on your career in classical music.

Adriana Paler, piano

Bernhard Kerres is THE coach you need to have in order to get your artistic socks together. A fine human connoisseur, he leads the BYOM

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Fatin Khuri, flute

From the very beginning, I felt at the right place, overwhelmed by the warm and loving atmosphere. BYOM opened my eyes, somehow I feel like

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