Antonija Pacek, piano & composition

I just finished the BYOM Base Course on how to be your own manager in the complex music business. Bernhard Kerres runs this smart, unique, comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical program, with a goal to guide classical musicians to manage their own careers with his tremendous amount of experience and his dedicated support (brought to the virtual classroom). His approach and love for what he is doing is contagious, and his vision to create and connect us into a family-like, supportive community of musicians is revolutionary. Our community keeps in touch and closely works together – cooperation is the light and core here. Our team-work culminated in nexTus Festival – with outstanding musicians, exciting speakers, and environmental sustainability cause. Thus, Bernhard is creating a true paradigm shift – game-changing conditions for musicians. He gave us necessary tools so we could lead our careers and better plan our future. It has been a life-changing, great learning experience. 

Thank you, Bernhard!